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The Residential HANDYMAN

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​I hold a general contractors license with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Plan Commission and Building Authority. Is the person you have in your home doing your work the one who holds the license? OR are they working under someone elses. This matters, because if they are not the one with the license, then they are a subcontractor and have to have their OWN credentials and insurance policy. 

Best Handyman in Indianapolis


​I have a Mutual Surety Bond with Western Surety Company and can be TRUSTED in your home. Are the people you are calling to work in your home BONDED, or are they working under someone elses credentials? This matters because the guy working in your house is the one you have to TRUST! Not the one sitting in an office that has the bond.


​I hold a policy that has been in affect for over 30 years and has NEVER had a claim against it! That is probably WHY I have an 4.8-star rating on GOOGLE of REAL CUSTOMER reviews, not the bought and paid for ones you see some companies doing. HOW CAN THEY HAVE 400 REVIEWS AND A 5 STAR RATING?